मातृभूमिका लागि युवा अभियान ( Youth Movement for Motherland, Nepal )

Youth Movement for Motherland (YMM) founded in April 27, 2013 in DAO of Kathmandu and affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC) is a non-government, non-profit non-religious, and non-discriminating development organization without any political affiliation. Initiated and promoted by the multidisciplinary team of youths from around the world, YMM focuses on the creation of employment within the nation by way of social entrepreneurship, economic transformation, youths movement for the nation development and building strong network with corporate houses, social institutions and line agencies.

Similarly, it has developed sound network with different embassies situated in different countries so that it could supports the youths working abroad. As it has been initiated by the youths working abroad, it has already established its offices in ten countries with approximately 37000 existing members. Similarly, it has already started its function by establishing autonomous YMN in ten districts of Nepal including Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. In Nepal we are backed by 15000 multi-experienced and dynamic youth members and intellectuals. YMN has been successful in including the self-interested members in its streams in a geometric series. Within five years, it has estimitated to make this organization backed by one million members. It works for uniting the Nepali youths from around the world and explore their potential for nation building using their acquired skills and utilizing them into the productive areas in the nations.

It focuses on the maximum utilization of available resources in Nepal and developing the nations through economic revolution and reaching the nation in the list of developed nations. We believe with the unification of youths, everything is possible.

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