Dlaundrymart is the one of the best company  of Thailand which is doing all works of laundry. Dlaundrymart company has full modern laundry facilities with its friendly and helpful staffs. It gives 24 hours service in Thailand. It believes the satisfaction of its costumers and it is working with care of costumer’s wants.


When you are planning to travel to Thailand, you want to keep your things safely, like personal purses, hand bags and luggage etc. If you want to take your luggage in safe place then Dlaundrymart is the best place. Our company provides this service with trust of costumers. We take risk to take care of your luggage in suitable price. You can leave you baggage and enjoy your Thailand trip with full confidence and trust to Dlaundrymart. We are always here to provide best service.

Dlaundrymart provides alteration and repair services. We are proud to provide an expert alteration service with the total care of our customer’s want. Whatever  your “needle needs” – from the smallest repair to a major adjustment with the help of our professionals and experts we are doing work. We offer to repair services such as replace zippers and buttons, trouser/slack sleeves shortening and lengthening,  repair holes and tears, custom fittings and much more.

Dry cleaning is a process that cleans clothes without water. The cleaning material which is use is a liquid, and all garments are cleaned in a liquid solvent. The fact is that there is no water so that, the process is called “dry”. Dry cleaning service of Dlaundrymart in Thailand is qualitative and satisfaction. We use first class liquid solvent and after dry cleaning you will get your clothes with fress smell We are providing this service in agreeable price for costumers.

No matter what kind of lifestyle you live, your shoes will inevitably get dirty. However, you shouldn’t have to walk around with shoes that look old or worn-out. A simple cleaning will often remove excess dirt and grime, leaving them looking brand new. For the best clean Dlaundrymart is the best choice. All kinds of shoes wash here and take out all dirt with care and with its risk by our experience staffs within same day or next day. Shoes shows your personality and make your lifestyle better and Dlaundrymart helps you to maintain your standard with quality clean as you want at agreeable price. And we always care of your satisfaction from our services.

Your wedding day is one of the most special and important events of your life and a day for keeping memories that you will cherish forever. Your wedding dress should receive the same care and safekeeping as your memories. Trust us to preserve your precious wedding dress and those memories. on your  special day,  last thing you need to worry about is the dirt collecting at the bottom of your wedding gown. It is important to take your wedding gown to a professional cleaner who knows how to best clean and preserve your wedding dress. And DLAUNDRYMART is the best choice to clean your dirty wedding dress. We have developed special gentle procedures to safely remove stains, even from delicate silk gowns. we offer hand cleaning to preserve the fine details of your gown and preservation services to ensure the next generation can experience the beauty of your wedding gown.

We have a lots of experience in dealing with commercial / domestic laundry services. We offer free delivery or pick up for all commercial laundry service in Thailand and also competitive rate for all commercial and domestic laundry. Whether they are jeans, shorts, T-shirts, school or work uniform and household clothes such as bed linen and towels, we are able to take care of them effectively within a short period of time.

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